Permanent Schemes

  S.No Scheme Amount in Rs. Periodicity
1.Nityannadanam SchemeRs.1000 to Rs.1,00,000Once In Year
2.Sri Swamyvari Shashwata Vratham
(10 Years Period)
Rs. 7000/-Once In Year
3.Sri Swamyvari Shashwata Kalyanam
(10 Years Period)
Rs. 10000/-Once In Year

Cottage Donation Schemes

  S.No Scheme Amount in Rs. Periodicity
1.Individual Guest HousesActual Construction Cost 30 Days in a year
2.Siva SadanRs. 10,00,000 30 Days in a year

Donor Cottage Conditions:-
1.Donor has to pay 50% of expenditure on each suit / room. Suit / Room will be allotted to the donor/authorized person for 30 days in a year, on rush days room will be allotted only to Husband / wife, parents and children of the donor.
2.The donation scheme shall be applicable for 25 years form the date of allotment. Further information can obtained from the devasthanam personally or by phone No.91-08868-238395, Executive Engineer Mobile Number : 9491249967